How to apply?

If you are an entrepreneur or social organization and your project is linked to the causes of Invisible Beauty Makers

Apply to join the program!

A unique program led by outstanding Puig professionals who will support you with all their expertise in order to promote your project.

(*) We accept applications in spanish, english and french

Invisible Beauty Makers program application form

Information needed to evaluate applications to join the Invisible Beauty Makers program

Describe the social problem you are trying to solve and how.
Tell us about the geographical scope of your project and who and how many people have directly and indirectly benefited or been impacted by it.
Detail how many people make up the team, their roles and level of dedication.
What are your goals for the next two years as regards growth, impact, consolidation, etc.?
Why do you want to join the Invisible Beauty Makers program? Do you think your project could generate a more long-term partnership with Puig?
Please include any additional information that you consider relevant to your candidacy, such as reports, videos, documentation and so on.
Only ZIP or MP4 files are allowed up to 25Mb.